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Flexi Care Consortium is an elite group of service providers created to deliver exclusive and tailored services to Healthcare Companies in the UKhttps://www.traditionrolex.com/32. Flexi Care Consortium is a premium members-zone.
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What We Do

Tailored Staffing & Recruiting Services

With a vision to provide sustainable careers utilising innovation, ingenuity and technology, Flexi Recruits was founded in 2010. Since then, our team has been building high-quality platforms for individuals who are eager to learn new skills and explore new opportunities through their passion for work.

Known as the best recruitment agency in London, our company has been training and sourcing talent for over 12 years, and we have a strong reputation for being reliable, dedicated, and diligent on several national frameworks. Currently, we assist over 2000 businesses in acquiring quality staff, interns and apprentices for their interactions across the healthcare, hospitality, retail and IT sectors while ensuring the preferences and priorities of the candidates. We also provide high-quality 360° HR solutions to the earnest management teams of various organisations. Over the course of our exciting journey, we have gained a wealth of experience,  helping us to grow in scale.

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What We Offer

Recruiting Solutions & Career Opportunities

We provide a platform perfect for upskilling talents and recruiting professionals in various sectors based on their abilities and qualifications.

Permanent Recruitment

Find the perfect job and career opportunities based on your experience, qualification, and educational background with Flexi Recruitment.

Temporary Recruitment

Our placement services will assist you in finding temporary jobs in London with competitive salaries, flexible working hours, ongoing training and benefits.

Hybrid Recs Model

Developed to address the growing shortage of healthcare staff, the new hybrid model ensures employees are always available on a temporary contract basis to cover shifts for clients during the term of the contract.

Flexi Outplacement

We provide career-driven candidates with knowledge and skill sets that match the organisation’s requirements while maintaining their productivity during the transition.

UKVI Compliance

We handle all candidate immigration processes and provide full support to the organisation throughout the orientation process.

HR Compliance

Flexi Recruits offers HR compliance solutions aligned with UKVI and CQC regulations, encompassing all documentation, references and DBS reports.

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Workforce Drive 2023

5000+ Jobs Available

Get a head start on your career by participating in our workshops and career events to secure a job with sponsorship in UK.

Health Care

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500+ Vacancies

Why Us

Connecting Clients and Candidates

Flexi Recruits is a leading healthcare recruitment agency dedicated to our candidates and clients across the UK.

Efficient Staffing Solutions

We deliver streamlined staffing solutions to our clients, with ideal candidates shortlisted to their requirements, be it an ad hoc on short notice or a permanent addition with all the required skillsets.

Reliable Recruitment Services

We place a high priority on the preferences of our candidates and strive to match them with excellent employment opportunities that are in line with their qualifications and experience.

Expert Team

Experienced, passionate and professional

Reliable Service

Transparent and sincere

HR 360

Introducing 360° HR solutions to care-service providers

With the introduction of Flexi Intelligence, we are enhancing the standards of healthcare staffs by integrating the latest technological developments and IT solutions. Our 360° HR solutions to care-service organisations allows them to utilise the increasing potential of human resources efficiently

Flexi Team

Meet the Experts

Aneesh Choorakandy

CEO & Director

Mark Rees

Operations Director

Bobby Thanvi

Project Manager

Ashok Manthani

Strategy Consultant

Nina Hammick

HR Manager

Elvijs Plugis

Head Of Marketing


Let's Hear it from Our Clients

Our dedicated team provide our clients and candidates the optimal solution. Hear it
from our clients as they share their experiences with us.

Select Healthcare have worked with Flexirecruits on a huge recruitment campaign of Seniors and Care staff. We have had constant contact, a dedicated support team to help with all our questions and queries and assisted us in finding good candidates for our care homes from overseas.


    Head of Recruitment, Select HealthCare

    Flexi Recruits is a fantastic recruitment partner and helps us find the right candidate for our requirements quickly and with high levels of care and professionalism. We would definitely recommend their services and l am looking forward to working with them in future too


      Director, DeVere Care Partnership Ltd

      We are extremely glad to be associated with Flexi Recruits as our recruitment partner. Their friendly team are very thorough in the vetting and shortlisting process, thus promoting candidates that truly meet the job requirements. They have really reduced (probably eliminated!) our stress in finding our new team members.


        Managing Director, Rehability UK Group

        If you have any queries related to our service or require further assistance, please feel free to register for a free consultation.

        0333 998 8880

        Free Consultation

        We are Just a Call Away

        Whether you are a candidate looking for a job opportunity or require staffing solution
        for your company, we are here to help. Please contact us for further information.


        Frequently Asked Questions

        By clicking on the ‘Register’ button you will be automatically redirected to our CRM system where you can input all your details and one of our Recruitment Consultants will process your application and guide you throughout your application process.
        With our Outplacement service anyone no matter their experience or background will be enrolled to our custom made training programme that helps you gain the right skill sets as required by your prospective employer.

        Your application process starts the moment you have completed your registration with us. But ideally  the turnaround time changes based on your experiences and background and skill sets that you process.

        The attention of Flexi Recruits has been drawn to the activities of some fraudulent persons using various dubious means ranging from text messages, social media platforms and forged letters to invite unsuspecting members of the public for job interviews in a purported recruitment exercise by us. For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to state as follows:

        1. For any recruitment-related purposes our staff will only use their designated email addresses (name@Flexirecruits.co.uk) and no other emails (eg. Gmail ).
        2. That members of the public, particularly unsuspecting applicants, should be wary of fraudulent invitations for job interviews by anyone other than our Flexi Recruits
        staff member at any offices other than our head office located at [Basildon], and that anyone who entertains such invitations or deals with peddlers of such invitations does so at his or her own risk.
        3. That anyone contacted for the purpose of the purported recruitment other than through an advertisement duly placed by Flexi Recruits on our website should not hesitate to
        report such invitations to relevant law enforcement agencies.
        4. Any associated recruitment fee will not be through any third party and will be directly through Flexi Recruits.
        5. All updates on your recruitment process will be available through our job board’s internal tracking system that is accessible individually to all the candidates.

        What's New

        Introducing our all-new App, FlexiRecs

        A temporary recruitment application that helps you find a job opportunity matching your needs

        Our Application

        Introducing our all-new App, FlexiRecs

        A temporary recruitment application that helps you find a job opportunity that matches your needs.

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        About Flexi Recruits

        Our team has been building high-quality
        platforms for individuals who are eager to learn new skills and explore new opportunities
        through their passion for work

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