Small But Mighty Agency!

Our Story

Flexi Recruits started in the year 2010 with a mission to leverage innovation, ingenuity and technology to create sustainable careers for the talents we attract. We now support over 2000 businesses across the retail, healthcare and IT sectors to procure quality staff, interns and apprentices whilst safeguarding the priorities and preferences of the candidates they hire. 

Over the course, we picked unexplored territories. Armed with great minds and an arsenal of experience, we chose to go where others hadn’t, because the beaten path did not hold any appeal. The decision to Holistic HR was a giant leap.
But we knew that a journey of a thousand miles began with a single step. The Flexi journey has been quite an adventure. We have explored different avenues, on a variety of terrains and enjoyed many small victories. There have been obstacles, rocky terrains and patchy weather that have stalled us many a time. But it was all worthwhile for the crucial roles we have played in every student’s life. We started our journey to become the market leaders in the chosen niche, Holistic HR.

Expert Recruiters

We are dedicated to the community and you will feel us from the moment you contact us. We genuinely respect healthcare professionals and we understand the drive and dedication it takes to do locum work.

We understand your priorities and aspirations. Our efficient and friendly team takes a serious interest in developing your career, priorities and preferences. From paperwork to each progressing stage of your application, our team will guide you in good order. Be it the cultural change you are going to experience, visa processes and bringing along your family or your accommodation requirement in your new location, you will discover that we go to great ends not just to find you the perfect healthcare job but also to make sure your absolute satisfaction, safety and welfare.

The opportunity 

Let’s not forget the choice of jobs on offer – we have a vast array of temporary and permanent healthcare jobs available across all regions of the UK and have developed strong relationships with many key medical employers. We provide you with a vast choice of highest paying international nursing jobs.  With Flexi Recruits Ltd., you’ll be spoilt for choice and fully equipped to make the most of your earning potential.

At Flexi, we firmly believe knowledgeable and skilful healthcare professionals are an asset to every aspect of the country. We recognise the shortage of skilled candidates and yearn to supplying resourceful staff to the healthcare industry. We are firm believers in providing not only the right job, but also ensuring that talented individuals are paid accordingly for their expertise. Our pay rates are therefore very attractive and are supplemented by a range of additional benefits.