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Are you seeking an opportunity in the Hospitality, Catering, or Healthcare sector?

Searching for permanent jobs or temporary jobs in London? Look no further! We have roles for all schedules and we’re confident we can find the right fit for you!

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Upskill and secure the career of your dreams with our professional services that offer a variety of job opportunities.

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Permanent Recruitment

Achieve Your Career Goals

If you’re looking for a future as a permanent member of the healthcare industry, or for a recruiter experienced in recruiting nurses from overseas, Flexi is the right place! Our team helps build an attractive digital resume highlighting your experiences, qualifications and educational background. All this leads to a higher matching rate to employers with relevant positions, including sponsorship jobs in UK, who are looking for qualified candidates.


Temporary Recruitment

Scale Up Your Portfolio

As a leading healthcare recruiter agency in the UK, Flexi Recruits specialises in finding the perfect temporary opportunity that matches your skills and strengths. Whether you are looking for a summer job, a part-time job during the school year, or a full-time job during your breaks, we offer assistance to every candidate to secure a position with high retention, competitive salary, flexible working hours, and ongoing training.

Hybrid Recs Model

Developed To Assist Candidates

Our newly introduced hybrid model allows you to work temporarily in multiple healthcare organisations. This flexible working environment will ensure you have covered your work hours for the contracted period while maintaining productivity. As a result, you can manage your time and commitments outside of work and build your career portfolio without having to commit to one employer.

Flexi Outplacement

Transitions Without The Hassle.

Flexi’s innovative outplacement services enable career-driven individuals to assess their skills and interests and develop a plan to move forward in their careers while maintaining organisational productivity. We provide support and resources, including resume building, interview coaching, and skill sets tailored to match the organisation’s needs for you to transition to your new job hassle-free.

UKVI Compliance

Making The Visa Application Process Easier

It is Flexi’s goal not only to help you find the best job within a short period of time but also to ensure all candidate immigration processes are handled by our dedicated legal and compliance team. Additionally, Flexi coordinates well with the organisation to provide you with full UKVI compliance support during all phases of the plenary process.

HR Compliance

Easy And Efficient HR Management

The Flexi Recruits team provides all HR compliance solutions that align workplace policies with UKVI and CQC-specific regulations, encompassing all documentation, references, and DBS reports. Our data-driven recruiting approach with modern technology-based video resumes and interviews helps speed up the process and increase your chances while making it more cost-effective.


Let's Hear it from Our Candidates

Our dedicated team provide our clients and candidates with the optimal solution. Hear it from our clients as they share their experiences with us.

Flexi Recruits was instrumental in getting my current job. Their team understood my requirements, gave relevant recommendations and made the job application process go very smoothly. The team ensured to match my requirements with not just the job I was seeking, but with the company itself.


    Working with Flexi Recruits to find my new job has been an absolute pleasure. Within 1 hour of uploading my CV on their website, I received a phone call from them to discuss my job preferences (salary, location, other benefits, etc.) and I can honestly say that they truly listened to what I was looking for because 2 days later they found the perfect job for me that ticked all the boxes. The team I was liaising with were clearly very good at their job and they were kind enough to prepare me for the interview and build my confidence. Two weeks after my initial contact with Flexi Recruits I have received a job offer and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Team Flexi, for your hard work. It really paid off. I will definitely recommend their services.


      Being a migrant, it is not easy to find jobs as it is in your home country due to several factors . With the help from Flexi Recruits and their entire team , I successfully got a job offer in the Healthcare Sector . I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for recruitment assistance.


        Flexi Recruits was very professional and the team was extremely friendly in their approach, and made me feel at ease in a process that's usually very stressful for applicants. Even after the job application, the team ensured to follow up and check on my progress in my new role. I would definitely recommend the company to any friends and family given the chance.


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          What's New

          Introducing our all-new App, FlexiRecs

          A temporary recruitment application that helps you find a job opportunity that matches your needs.

          Our Application

          Introducing our all-new App, FlexiRecs

          A temporary recruitment application that helps you find a job opportunity that matches your needs.

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