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Our services are vast and the ways in which we could help are varied. Our solutions may seem uncanny mostly because we combine several schemes to offer you the derived benefits.
Be it IT, healthcare, retail, real estate or accounting, we have you covered with innovative staffing and business acceleration solutions. Sounds too good to be true? We will let you be the judge. Browse through the services below to learn more.

The ‘PERTEMP’ Contract: Quality and Compliance at Friendly Budgets

We have an exciting solution to bridge staff shortages of Healthcare Assistants and Nurses. We call it the Pertemp Contract.


  • No up-front Recruitment Fee against placements.
  • Reliable and hardworking employees.
  • Exclusively working for a given care home according to the assigned rota
  • Weekly COVID tests, training, payroll and compliance will be taken care of by us.
  • Spend the cost equivalent to the amount spent for a permanent employee.
  • If you are not satisfied with any candidate, we can replace them for you.

Our connectedness to student networks and uninterrupted focus on improving their careers enable us to get great talent at friendly rates. Moreover, government frameworks backing us lend us derived benefits which we are happy to pass on to you too!

Overseas Recruitment

As you may know, overseas healthcare professionals and nurses contribute to 60% of the healthcare workforce in the UK. Their industrious nature and ‘can do’ attitude are celebrated by the NHS, care homes and private hospitals alike. Take a look at the video to find out more.


Great talents on a mission.

Looking for great talent on a budget? Jump aboard the Apprentice’ship’.
Apprenticeship schemes offer you an incredible opportunity to hire fresh talent brimming with ideas, creativity, and enthusiasm to take on the world.

Apprentices are often eager to learn and earn at once. Apprentices wage starts from £4.15 per hour, if they are 19 years or younger and £4.15 for the first year for staff above 19 years. From the second year onward, staff above 19 years will be entitled to the age-wise national minimum wage. However, depending on the value, it is completely up to you how much above the designated wage you would like to pay them. Apprentices bring a digital-savvy attitude to the firm; they will help you keep the organisation focus on priority projects. The key staff can focus on the tasks first-hand while apprentices handle day to day tasks for you.

This is where we swoop in with our professional services to make finding apprentices and hiring them hassle-free for you. With just a simple collaboration, you get access to crème de la crème apprentice recruitment services. From creating the job description, posting apprentice vacancies to conducting interviews, selecting apprentices, and training them we work closely with you for the best outcome.




A great program for a great cause? Sign us up right away. It was a match made in heaven when we got on the Kickstart scheme. The government initiative providing funding to create new job placements for 16 to 24 years olds on Universal credit who are at risk of long term unemployment was right up our alley. We are passing on the benefits to small and medium businesses to seize the advantage.

We understand that there are existing restrictions on the minimum number of placements to 30. However, through us, you may employ 1 to 30 trained and suitable talents to help your business boom!

We will be using our own ‘Learning Management System’ which shall monitor the attendance, timekeeping; host the resource hub (training material) and enable easy communication with the candidates enabling them to work remotely if possible in the light of the new guidelines. The talents will be trained according to your expectations and equipped with the skills that you need to bolster your business activities. For instance, digital marketing, recruiter, MS-Office modules and so on are a sneak peek into the skills that they may have when they come to work for you!

All we ask of you is a simple job description which will help us find you the right candidate.

Marketing Collaboration: Impetors

Put your name out there, create a buzz about your brand, products and services with innovative digital marketing ideas. Collaborate with Impetors to bring this to life. Impetors’ digital marketers have one watchword, and that is results. Check out our work below to see for yourself!

Happy Students

I came to the UK as a student and thanks to Flexi Recruits, I am now on a work permit and working as a web design consultant. It is a dream come true and i have to give it to them!

- Kylecheese5

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