One of the most highly respected industry is UK healthcare system as it has revolutionized the healthcare system.UK healthcare provides world-class care because of its highly skilled professionals ,and it is always in global news because it makes history each and every day.

If a nurse joins in NHS or a private healthcare provider then it is assured that a nurse is going to join a highly talented workforce, The training that is provided by NHS trust is fantastic as the training starts right from full inductions to career development programs. In UK there are lots of activities and recreational opportunities when a nurse is not at work .

The benefits of Nursing in the UK are attractive. The nurses are provided with excellent salary with generous annual leave. Moreover it also offers relocation packages that is very good. The work atmosphere provided by this setup is something that must be talked about as it gives safe and friendly work culture.

The benefits of nursing job in United kingdom includes Band 5 salary £24,907per annum on receipt of NMC PIN Number. Every year there will be a salary hike until it reaches £ 30000 per annum. A 3 months accommodation on arrival will be provided along with air ticket to UK . Some of the other attractions that add to the package is free food for first one week, and nurses are also entitled to avail a 35 days holiday that is said to be paid annual leave .

Extra Income if needed can be earned by working overtime , night shifts , weekends and on public holidays . There are cases when shifts are offered with double pay. An additional benefits can be availed by taking the responsibility by working as a bank or agency nurse. This trend is highly advantageous as it not only gives a chance to advance nurses learning and development but also ensures job satisfaction.

Furthermore, there are ample options for nurses to get expert in their favourite area of healthcare. The areas like emergency care, anesthetics, midwifery, neonatology, orthopedics, fertility to surgery etc are some of the specialization area where a nurse can work according to their interest .

Moreover, there are other options which UK nursing council offers that is If a nurse wants to take one step further then UK nursing careers provides an option of becoming management, advanced practitioners and consultant nurses. By doing so a nurse have the right to prescribe medicine which is a job much similar to a role of doctor .