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How to change your recruitment to attract the next generation Gen Z talent?


The next generation of workers is quickly approaching the workforce – and they’re vastly
different from any other generation that has come before them. Born between 1995 and
2010, Generation Z is the most diverse, tech-savvy and educated cohort to date.
With the rise of technology and social media, this generation is used to being constantly
connected and engaged. They are also used to getting the information they want, when they
want it. So, if you are looking to attract this Gen Z talent, you are going to have to adjust your
recruitment strategy, as this generation has different expectations and needs from previous generations.
So, how can your organisation get ahead of the curve and adapt its recruitment strategy to
appeal to this new generation of workers? That is exactly what we are going to find out
through this blog. Read on!

1. Use SOCIAL MEDIA to your advantage
Gen Zers are the first true digital natives; Social media is where Generation Z lives – so it’s
no surprise that this is where they’re most likely to look for job opportunities.
To remain competitive and attract the best talent, organisations need to keep up with the
latest trends – using platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to share job
postings, company culture and information about your organisation. Being active on all the
major social media platforms that Gen Zers are using will help you reach out to a larger pool
of candidates and also engage with potential applicants.
Another way to attract Gen Z through social media is to target specific groups. There are lots
of different social media groups and forums that you can target with your recruitment
messages. For example, if you are a healthcare facility, there are loads of Facebook groups
for recruiting nurses from overseas, where you can find talented students and graduates in
search of healthcare jobs.
You can also use social media to promote your campaigns and drive traffic to your careers
site or social media careers pages. Answer questions, give advice and ask for feedback to
create a better connection with potential candidates.

2. Be clear about your COMPANY CULTURE
The most social media-savvy generation, Gen Z, is looking for more than just a paycheck.
They are passionate about making a difference and value diversity, inclusivity and open-
mindedness and want to be a part of a company with a clear culture that aligns with their
As a company, it’s important to be clear about your what your organisation stands for, and
what kind of environment employees can expect to work in. Take the time to really define
what your culture is and communicate it clearly through your website, social media, job postings, and even during the interview process. This will help you attract the best Gen Z
Also, Walk the talk. If you say your company culture is important to you, make sure you’re
living and breathing that culture every day. It’s important to practice what you preach.

3. Make the APPLICATION PROCESS as simple as possible
Generation Z is used to getting information at the click of a button – it’s important your
application process is as simple and streamlined as possible. The job market is complex
enough – your application process shouldn’t be.
Also, nearly 60% of Gen Zers own a smartphone. Hence, it’s important to make your
application process mobile friendly and easy to navigate on a phone or tablet. Trust us, this
is sure to encourage more candidates to apply.
Using technology to your advantage such as video interviewing is another way to attract the new generation of workers. There are a number of recruitment-specific platforms and tools available that can help streamline your process. From online assessment tools to video interviewing platforms, leveraging technology can help save you time and energy. For example, a healthcare recruiter agency, Flexi Recruits, has introduced FlexiAI, to provide its candidates with a simplified AI-supported application process, which would in turn attract
Gen Z talent.

4. Offer competitive SALARY AND BENEFITS
Like every other working generation, Money does matter to Generation Z– so make sure
you’re offering competitive salaries and benefits. And the challenge for business leaders is to find ways to appeal to this Generation Z talent without breaking the bank.
Of course, offering competitive salaries is nothing new. But in order to really stand out to
Gen Z workers, you need to go beyond simply offering good pay. You need to be transparent about your pay practices and make sure your salaries are truly competitive. Moreover, you need to offer a benefits package that meets the needs of Gen Z workers. This generation is highly interested in benefits like student loan repayment assistance, mental health support, and flexible work arrangements. So, if you want to attract the best Gen Z talent, you need to make sure your benefits package reflects their priorities. Ultimately, by offering flexible work options like telecommuting, compressed work weeks, and flexible start and end times, you can make your organisation more attractive to Gen Zers and better position yourself to attract top talent from this generation.

Generation Z is interested in personal and professional development – so make sure your organisation is investing in its employees. Offer opportunities for training and development
and create a clear path for career progression. Providing mentorship programs,
outplacements, wellness programs, would all ensure the inflow of the top Gen Z talents.

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