Clothing brands like Uniqlo, H&M, Zara have designated sections for sustainable
clothing, sustainably sourced fabrics. New product launches such as of iPhone 12
come without earphones and chargers. Why is this? Owe this to the climate crisis
earth faces. Yes, its climate crisis companies can no longer shove it aside saying it
is just global warming or slight climate change. The footprint left by industries is
As the effects of climate change become more visible than ever before companies
across all industries are adopting to a circular system of product processing.
Clothing Industry players are figuring out ways to recycle old clothes and make new
ones from the recycled material. Tech Industry giants like Apple have taken oaths to
have net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.
The drastic shift in objectives across multiple industries is creating a surge for roles
in climate change field. Employers are looking for people with skills in renewable
energy, environmental studies, conservationists. What this means for job hunters is
that aligning your skill sets to sustainability, environment-conscious approach
buildings, strategic decision-making for fulfillment of Corporate Social
Responsibilities is crucial for survival.
Difficult times of pandemic have rendered serval industries suffer through losses.
Sustainable businesses and Climate control by those businesses will be a key trend in
the recent times