In this era UK is one of the hub for student as they can pursue their studies from the top universities. However, at times it can be a confusing process. This article throws a light on how to apply for visa to study as an international students. A student can apply either for Short-term study visa or General student visa. If a student wants to study for long courses the Tier4 (General) UK student visa is needed.

Short-term Study Visa

-This visa allows a student to study for 6 months or 11 months if you are opting for an English language course. In order to get accepted in universities you need to show enough money to cover up living cost. Need to pay for return journey. Normal documentation needed for applying for the verified courses are:

•  A current passport
•  Bank statement
•  Details of travel plans
•  Details of stay
•  Letter of acceptance from the Institution
•  Need medical test report

If you are below 18 years of age then need permission from parent or guardian. Short-term study visa don’t provide work permit.

Tier4 (General) UK student visa

-International students need this Visa, and anyone who is above 16 can apply for Visa. Apart from above mentioned documents, sometimes students has to provide additional supporting documents according to their country of origin. To prove your level of understanding of English language students need to pass English language test. Tier4 Visa (General) normally provides the students to work part-time .If student likes to bring their family, then this visa aids in doing so.