Navigating Changes in UK Healthcare Migration Policies: Implications for Businesses - Flexi Recruits
Navigating Changes in UK Healthcare Migration Policies: Implications for Businesses - Flexi Recruits
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Navigating Changes in UK Healthcare Migration Policies: Implications for Businesses

The United Kingdom, an international hub for employment and residence, has gone through numerous changes to its visa and compliance regulations over the years. In response to recent developments in immigration policies, especially within the healthcare sector, businesses are urged to stay alongside of crucial changes. Let’s begin.

Social Care Visa Reforms

A key distinction is that care workers and senior care workers are not permitted to have dependents. The Social Care Visa Reforms are a major step forward, promoting industry excellence.

Salary Threshold Adjustments

The minimum salary level rises by 50% to £38,700 in April 2024 to support skilled workers. This brave decision promotes a strong workforce. Exemptions for health and social care professionals show a dedication to easy hiring, helping these critical industries achieve in a changing business-to-business environment.

Shortage Occupation 

The shortage occupation list will transition into the immigration salary list,  20% going rate salary reduction that was previously offered for shortage professions will no longer be available. This change intends to simplify immigration laws and more accurately reflect the reality of the labour market.

Dependent visa

Increase the dependent visa income requirement to £38,700, aligning with the skilled worker threshold. Ensures financial stability for dependents entering the UK. Promotes responsible sponsorship, aligning immigration with economic considerations for sustained support. 

Graduate Route Review

In January 2024, the Migration Advisory Committee will evaluate the graduate route, with a focus on matching with UK business requirements, preventing misuse, and meeting educational standards. Businesses that hire British university graduates abroad profit from the two-year visa. 

Student visas

Awareness employers with international students! Starting in 2024, the UK government will restrict student-dependent visas. Postgraduate or research students, such as state-scholarship PhD students, can bring their families if the term is longer than nine months. Take note that these regulations apply to students starting classes after January 1, 2024.

NHS and Critical Workers

Changes will not affect nurses, doctors, or other essential employees of the NHS. In the healthcare industry, exemptions maintain the consistency of the employees. Through these steps, we make it a priority to ensure that the care sector and the NHS operate without outages.

Mitigating Shortages and Retention

A £500 million investment over three years is planned to build up social care recruitment strategies and resolve shortages. In addition, efforts are being made to improve healthcare professional training, reduce worker demands and secure continuity of employment.

Renewal Process Clarification

Since rules are not implemented immediately, the process of renewing visas ensures that existing visa holders will experience a balanced change. The specifics of the visa renewal process, including the minimum income criteria, will be published promptly to ensure that everyone involved is aware of the situation.

Flexi Recs

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